“DNA neither cares nor knows. DNA just is. And we dance to its music.”

Richard Dawkins

I was born in Wellington, New Zealand to a Kiwi mother and a Catalan father.

When I was eight years old I was waiting one afternoon for my little sisters’ dance class to finish when the teacher asked; “Would you like to join in?”. I was captured by the balance of physicality, expression, creativity and discipline.

At school I had an affinity towards maths, physics, graphics, and sports. Conscientiously I completed the school curriculum a year early and at the age of 17 went to Europe to continue my studies in Barcelona. I received a scholarship to attend Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. As a professional dancer I have had the opportunity to perform in projects and work with companies in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, New Zealand and South Africa.

I consider myself to be not just a mover, but also a collaborator that looks to engage in a wide range of creative art forms to portray innovative ways of sharing that indispensable feeling of being human and alive.

I am a co-founder of Moving Rhizomes, a multidisciplinary platform that supports creative artists in generating works that benefit society and culture through art.